Telebrands, Under the Bed Shoe Holder

Lake Mary, Florida 0 comments

I ordered the Under the Bed Shoe holder.The add says buy one for 10.00 and get a 2nd free, just pay s&h.

The web site asks you how many you want, so I said two. This really meant 4. They already had my credit info and the sale went through. There was no way to cancel this order.

The website had a toll free number but said call M-F and this was a Sunday. I did not get an email confirming my order. I called Monday and tried to cancel but they would not. I had a very dificult time understanding the cust serv rep as she had a very thick accent.

The supervisor gave me a return # and told me to refused delivery and put this # on package and I would received a full refund. I did not receive a full refund, not even half.

This has been referred to corporate whatever that means.Stay away from this company.

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